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Tax Process Automation - MasterSAF

Atvi has developed a close partnership with Thomson Reuters, a market leader company providing services for the complex Brazilian tax reality, offering software to automate all the processes involving companies’ tax value chain. Atvi is a Thomson Reuters’ certified partner to perform the sale and implementation processes for its MasterSAF-DW and MasterSAF SMART solutions, through the expertise of our professionals. Check some MasterSAF solutions: ECF – Accounting Tax Bookkeeping; E-social; Tax SPED; Accounting SPED; Contribution SPED; PIS/COFINS contributions; ICMS/IPI taxes; ISS tax; Federal tax compensation; Retention of third parties’ taxes; Control of benefited remittances; Accessory obligations (federal, state and municipal); CIAP; IN86 and IN100 (Manad); NFe, NFS-e and CTe; Cat 17 and Cat 83.

Digital Audit Tax Analyzer

Atvi in partnership with Thomson Reuters offers to the market the Tax Analyzer tool, an analysis and pre-auditing solution for tax files aimed at validating, crossing, and conciliating information related to the main electronic tax obligations (Contribution SPED, Accounting SPED, Fcont, Tax Sped, and NF-e, among others) in order to anticipate any eventual data/information inconformity before delivering the obligation to the Internal Revenue Office.

NF-e Electronic Fiscal Note for Goods and Services

Atvi commercializes and implements the NF-e Manager Thomson Reuters solution, which complies with the requirements established by Sefaz, City Halls and its clients. As one of the largest Brazilian tax solution providers, Thomson Reuters - MasterSAF has utilized an architecture directed to services (SOA) and the innovative J2EE technology, thus achieving a full web, multibank, and multiserver application and a multisystem operational solution, whose attributes minimize IT investments. By providing full servicing to the many different existing electronic documents, we also process historical data to ensure that your company keeps custody of the XMLs right from the Electronic Fiscal Note’s implementation by the Internal Revenue Office.

CTE – Electronic Bill of Lading

Atvi commercializes and implements CT-e MasterSAF, which as the electronic fiscal note solution for goods and services, has been developed to minimize IT investments to acquire the same. This module was developed during the Internal Revenue Office’s pilot project and is already responsible for the issuance of a large number of CT-e’s.

Allocation of ABAP, PL/SQL, and DBA technical resources

We provide highly qualified professionals to work on projects in many different economic sectors and in the many different technological platforms. Atvi has invested in the qualification and training of our professionals, who are constantly upgraded, which ensures assertive and differentiated services, thus procuring safety to our clients.

Optimization of Foreign Trade Operations - Softway

Atvi provides solutions to manage Foreign Trade operations through its partnership with Thomson Reuters’ unit – Global Trade Management - Softway, a leading company in Latin America in Foreign Trade software development. Get to Know some of our solutions: Importation; Exportation; Currency Exchange; Siscoserv; Drawback; Recof; Repetro; DCR/DCI; Special Deposit; Guaranteed Deposit; Customs Precincts and Business Intelligence.