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Services adapted to the complex Brazilian reality.

SPED Generation under Contingency

Atvi offers a Contingency solution, in which based on fiscal notes, accounting data and private complimentary information for each kind of file, our team integrates and prepares the same and interacts with your team so that you receive the file in a timely manner for final validation and transmission of the file ready to be used. Without any additional investment in software, that expense can be deducted from the income tax.

Allocation of Tax Resource

This service enables us to fulfill punctual demands in order to supply specific needs, and it may also be requested for highly demanded works such as system update and upgrade, correction application, clearing doubts, etc. Here the service is charged based on the actual assignment of a professional without the need for long-term contracts, or on the allocation of temporary personnel.

Tax Classification of Goods

In order to fulfill the requirements around the SPED Project and NF-e, Atvi offers a registration database standardization and equalization service, including the attribution of the correct NCM and of IPI, II, PIS and Cofins tax and contribution aliquots, and Item Description Standardization, to ensure better tax exposition and to reduce the risk of tax co-responsibility when purchasing materials.

Functional Outsourcing

The Tax area, based on the evolution of inspection mechanisms and on the possibility of generating results through tax credit recovery has acquired an even greater importance in corporations, which makes it really difficult for managers and their collaborators to achieve high performance levels in all the fronts they are required to service. Atvi has in its DNA and in its team of collaborators, professionals with knowledge and domain of tax routines, tax software, and leading ERPs available in the Market, so that your company may count on a specialized partner to execute routine activities and projects, within the time and under the technical/legal requirement you might need. You determine the profile of the professional worker, his/her minimum allocation time, the taxes and routines he/she should be skilled at, and we make our professionals’ Curriculum Vitae available so that you are sure to rely on the right resource for your demand.

Fulfillment of ECF – Accounting Tax Bookkeeping

Based on the publication of Layout Orientation Manuals and of the technical documentation for the OneSource MasterSAF – Thomson Reuters Solution, we’ve developed a methodology to Identify, Anticipate Impacts and Propose Actions in order to adapt business processes to that new phase of the Sped Project. After that, and when necessary, we implement the OneSource MasterSAF – Thomson Reuters software integrated into the main ERPs available in the Market. Being aware that some companies find it difficult to approve additional investments in Software, while other ones are not able to absorb the generation of another Sped file in their routine and/or believe there will not be enough time to prepare themselves for delivery in this first year, Atvi has created a process to generate that obligation as a Contingency, where based on accounting data and on complimentary information we generate the ECF file and make it available for final validation and transmission.

Allocation of Project Managers (PMO Project Office with PMI methodology)

With the constant need of gaining efficiency in projects involving Information Technology within companies and in their own projects, Atvi has qualified and attracted to its team professionals holding the PMI certification, in addition to having created an internal incentive program to foster certification through the sharing of certification costs among its managers. Atvi provides professionals with that profile by the time you may need them, with the Client being responsible for determining the projects they may be involved with, and so the methodologies available to effectively manage the projects inside a company are disseminated and it can count on better management of the many different professionals involved with the project, whether they are external providers or collaborators of the company itself, in addition to standardization of management practices.


The start of an operation in the Brazilian market or the absorption of new tax processes requires huge efforts and investments. In order to ensure the process of fulfilling the legal requirements without compromising the performance of other areas and projects, Atvi offers the Tax Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) utility. We are a solid company with a deep knowledge of the Brazilian tax legislation and that counts on a proven process to generate the obligations in force in Brazil, in addition to preparing ourselves to the new projects to be implemented by the Government, which provides tranquility to our clients. Our BPO contemplates a comprehension of the available information, the creation of a tax data receipt and capture process, tax data entering in the system, the generation and checking of ledgers, tax calculation and the generation of payment forms and processing of main and accessory obligations. We count on our own methodology and specialized professionals, while developing and delivering quality services within the legal terms.

Tax Audit services

The need to adapt and provide fast reactions to an unforeseen Inspection requires that you have a partner that knows the different layouts of the tax obligations and their requirements, so that the Tax area’s remaining routines are not affected. We count on a team of professionals experienced in providing service for the different tax inspections, who know the input layouts and the structure of MasterSAF DW and MasterSAF Smart tables, and of the main ERP’s available in the market such as Oracle and SAP, so that it is possible to convert data often dispersed within the organization, in addition to validating them in the available official validation software with agility, knowledge and flexibility in order to quickly perform the corrections deemed necessary to fulfill Tax Notices’ deadlines.

AMS – Application Management Services and SLA – MasterSAF DW, DFe Portal, MasterSAF Smart and Softway

Atvi was founded under the Vision of providing the best AMS (Application Management Service) service for the Thomson Reuters applications. Since we have been highly aware of that service’s criticality and importance, right from the start, we’ve established a specific team exclusively dedicated to providing AMS services. Our team is oriented to think and act as an extension of our clients. And they are provided with the knowledge to improve the AMS service through certifications such as ITIL and specific training on service provision and relationship building, in addition to the technical training provided by Thomson Reuters. Currently we provide AMS services (Functional and Technical) to clients of many different sizes and source systems. In case the client so requires, we may assemble a dedicated team at the client’s site to provide services, otherwise we may provide remote services by making available, without any cost, a market tool our clients may manage the AMS Contract.

Shared Service Center (CSC) for the tax area

We operated right from the initial phase of that process to create such an area, and we elaborate the viability study, including the design, construction, homologation, implementation, and support to tax processes and software. After the implementation our experience has confirmed benefits such as the standardization of processes, platforms and systems, providing agility, easily implemented sustainable growth, and a team focused on the provision of services and on achieving the goals to ensure the required service level.

Tax Credit Recovery

Atvi creates mechanisms to search and confirm ICMS, PIS and Cofins tax credits, by gathering the necessary documents so that the company can undertake a tax analysis and confirm the legitimacy of the credits to be recovered by using the information base available in its corporate systems. After defining the credit to be recovered, Atvi undertakes a rectification of the affected tax obligations so that the company has access to all the technical foundations to start the recovery process.