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Atvi has developed partnerships with companies operating with excellence in their markets with the purpose fully fulfilling our clients’ Accounting and Tax Management needs. Those solutions complement each other, ar synergetic and build satisfaction among our clients.

Thomson Reuters Mastersaf Certified Partner


Innovation and leadership for you to simplify, optimize and develop tax and tax management. MasterSAF is a leader in the tax and tax market for its commitment to providing complete solutions focused on innovation to simplify management, optimizing processes in a personalized way for each type of business.

Atvi, with this Certification, offers a complete solution to meet the Tax Area, covering the different tax obligations existing by type of business, location and business size. In addition to having a MasterSAF Support cell, specialized in MasterSAF DW, MasterSAF DFe and OneSource products.

Mastersaf Smart


To fulfill the tax particularities of small and mid-size companies, Atvi represents and implements the MasterSAF Smart solution. This complete solution can be quickly implemented to deal with all the fiscal scenario’s complexity.



Amcham-Brasil has as associates entrepreneurial companies, focusing on training, networking and with an interest in building a better business environment in Brazil. Atvi as a Brazilian company specialized in serving the complex tax and tax scenario of our country has partnered with Amcham to offer specific solutions and benefits to Amcham associated companies.



In order to bring together the community of customers and partners in the operationalization of SAP solutions in Brazil, ASUG – SAP Users Association, has several trainings for interaction, among which stand out the realization of events that allow analysis, discussion, interaction and forwarding of solutions and topics of interest to sap system users and complementary software. Atvi attentive to the movements and requirements of the SAP market, is associated ASUG for interaction and contribution with tax and tax solutions complementary to SAP ERP. This interaction is possible by Atvi's know-how in tax legislation and its MasterSAF Certification.



Sky.One builds cloud solutions to benefit all companies willing to adopt this new environment with security, flexibility and high performance. Together, Atvi Consulting, Sky.One and Thomson Reuters offer the entire portfolio of Thomson Reuters solutions, such as MasterSAF DW, MasterSAF Smart, Tax Analyser and Transfer Pricing in A-Service (SaaS) model, including patch updating and functional application support through Atvi expertise.


Automation Anywhere

Atvi is a Brazilian company that specializes in serving the complex fiscal and tax environments. We offer our customers robotic process automation (RPA) solutions to enable them to increase their productivity and efficiency.

Atvi is prepared to make your company more efficient and your teams more capable. With our long experience in perfecting processes, offering consulting services, and implementing systems, we are qualified to provide digital automation services that will bring about excellent results and great return on investment.