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Atvi has developed partnerships with companies operating with excellence in their markets with the purpose fully fulfilling our clients’ Accounting and Tax Management needs. Those solutions complement each other, ar synergetic and build satisfaction among our clients.



Innovation and leadership so you may simplify, optimize and develop tax management.

MasterSAF is a leader in the tax market for its commitment to provide full solutions focused on innovation to simplify tax management, by optimizing the processes in a customized manner for each kind of business.

Atvi, with such a partnership, offers a complete solution to service the Area Tax, comprising the many different existing tax obligations as per kind of business, location and business size.

ATVI Consultoria - Consultoria Fiscal Mastersaf Certified Partner


Atvi has developed a strategic partnership with Softway S.A., a company specialized in the creation of software solutions for importation, exportation and customs regimes for the operation, management and control of foreign trade operations.

This company is a leader in Latin America in its segment and is committed to offering proven solutions for foreign trade operations thus assuring competitive advantages to its clients. 



To fulfill the tax particularities of small and mid-size companies, Atvi represents and implements the MasterSAF Smart solution. This complete solution can be quickly implemented to deal with all the fiscal scenario’s complexity.